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"It is amazing how these guys solved a problem in some days where others were struggling with for months. They were quick, responsive and focused to the problem. From the first moment we knew they know what they are talking about. Next time we will involve Wizery right from the start- will save us a lot of time, money and bad feelings.​"

- Andreas Trabes, Project Manager at Blaupunkt Embedded Systems

What a pleasure to find such professionalism as we found at Wizery.

At NanoLock Security, we had been working for long time on defining our internal protocols and algorithms for securing and managing connected endpoints in an embedded to cloud eco system.

We hired Wizery as adviser to examine our overall solution - both in theoretical level and in hands on level. Within a very short time Wizery guys were able to catch up on our work, deeply understand it and to indicate complexed vulnerabilities and suggest improvements that will much strength the total solution.

We were really amazed from this process and the way it took us forward in reaching a bullet proof secured system. All this was done in a timely manner, according to defined schedule and in a very responsive manner. A very well done job!


Eliran Modan, VP Products, NanoLock Security, 2018

"I will never say something is impossible anymore since I've seen the light. These Wizery guys are the alchemists of the new age but the real deal! take the impossible and make it happen. They just seem to break the 'physics' laws of computer programming - they'll finish a work in a 1/10th of the time you ever thought it would take and the quality is the best you could have wished for. It's a total game changer."

- Oz Krakowski, Business Development Manager at Texas Instruments

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Wizery on several projects while I was working in Texas Instruments. I was deeply impressed by the level of expertise as demonstrated by each and every consultant we worked with. They have delivered in very high quality while meeting and even exceeding the dead line. Furthermore, the work of Wizery not only contributed per project, but had a wide impact on the overall solution architecture and strategy."

- Ohad Peled, Program Manager at Texas Instruments, 2006-2014

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